I’ll post some of the best stories I come across during my trip. When you travel you meet a lot of people and you end up knowing a little bit about their life. By doing this you learn about other cultures and about people that are so unique you never thought they existed.


C. a Scandinavian guy in his late twenties. I was sat in the hostel bar on my own in Darwin when he sat in the same table where I was.

We started talking. He told me all about how much he loved drugs and how he started to take them. Eventually C. one day realised we are all made of drugs so there’s no point on not taking them. For him you cannot prove what you see is real since it’s all just chemical reactions inside your brain. Taking drugs only changes the chemical reactions and you experience other reality. I told him “OK” it’s a good view about the subject but I actually need my brains to function decently. No big deal here.

He also told me about his lifestyle. He was a sales engineer but decided to quit when he realised that what he did was all about the money. He lived for Women, sex and drugs. The funny bit here, he was married and had a child. He also told me he loved his wife and daughter and his lifestyle didn’t hurt his family life. Also, he had been travelling for more than two months.

I asked him about his next plans. As he was running out of money he was looking for work and he had just found something. An old man with a very wild look who was staying in our hostel invited him to join his project. He had just bought an old boat and was turning it into a restaurant. The boat would be towed from Darwin to the Papua New Guinea to be refurbished and they would go on the boat after a few critical repairs. What he was meant to do? He didn’t know, neither he knew for how long he will be there or how long the trip would take or how much would he earn. He was just keen to go with the flow in a very wild way.

In the meantime I lost contact with C.. But I’m keeping this story for life as I never met such a special character.



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