And it all started in Darwin.

A hot and steamy place in the state of Northern Territory, Australia. Luckily the wet season was coming to an end and the good weather was just starting. Humidity rates higher than 80% are common here which leads to a very sweaty experience.

If you go there during the dry season (May – October) don’t forget to check the Mindil Beach Sunset market where you can have delicious meals from the stalls. I suggest the Kangaroo Burger.

Although the word beach comes in the last paragraph don’t get all excited about it. Mindil beach is really a beautiful place but due to the local wildlife you want to keep far from the water. A close encounter with salt-water crocodiles, sharks and jelly fishes is way too likely to occur and sure way too dangerous.

If you want to go for a swim you can find the waterfront just close to the town’s center. The water’s not crystalline but at least you will end up your day with all your limbs.

So, is it worth going to Darwin?

If you are just interested to stay in town I would say that it is not worth it. There’s not much to do and it’s generally really hot to do anything. However, if you want to explore some local parks like Kakadu and Lichfield it sure is a great place to set base.
If you find yourself here for a couple of days just enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and the local party scene which is ruled by the British backpackers.

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